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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 One Idea * One Community * Many Impacts Social Entrepreneurs find innovative ways to improve lives of people in communities by employing technology to address social and environmental issues. Tips to become the change that you want to see in the world 1. Pick any social/environmental issuethat you are passionate about and willstay motivated to commit and complete.It can deal from a wide range of thingsthat need improvement from local to global level. Work, Compromise, andcollaborate is keyyou are not alone. 2. Find a community in need that suffers from a social-environmentalissue that an achievable creative solution can fulfill the need of the community. Communicate with thecommunity to verify that they want and/or need your help. Usually social entrepreneurs shot for local issues that are more achievable but that does not make global issues impossiblejust harder. 3.Network and partner with a non-profitorganization that tackles a similar social/environmental issue, build a connectionand gain resource, networks, feedback,and experience. See what skills or ideas you have to offer the organization. 4. Find people with the same passion to improve a social/environmental issueso you aren't doing this alone and bounce ideas of each other. The networksyou build with people can build your project as well. 5. Think about ways you could include technology, make it sustainable, monitorthe impact, create a curriculum, attackthe real need, and find a real solutionto your issue. Social technological innovation that can tackle unreachable angels of the social/environmental issue. 6. Connect with people that would helpyou write your project proposal. It includes an executive summary, needs statement, methodology, timeline,budget, goals & objectives, and qualifications. This willbe sent to the funders in a concise yet compelling way to capture them and fund your project. 7. Once you acquire funding, its time toexecute your project. All the guidelinesfor your project are in your project proposaland your social entreprenuer mind.The implementation of your project won'tbe in complete sync with the timeline ofyour proposalthats okay. Thingsdon't go as planned and it works in your favor. Expect things to change. 8. Go the extra mile to make your project eco-friendly, sustainable, or use something no one has ever seenmake it unique. Take a current tech tool and build off an existing technique so you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Scale your social innovative idea to another level of social value. 9. Think outside the box to find waysto improve your project (it could be anything), make it stand out, and impactyour issue. This demonstrates that youare going a different direction withyour project to have a greater socialimpact. Hit new boundaries and cornersof the social/environmental issue to tackle untouchable areas of it. 10. Use the unusable. As they say,"one man's trash is another man treasure." Find things no one have ever thought about using and giveit a new social purpose towardsyour project. Something so simplecan be repurposed into somethingso meaningful. by: Monica Gutierrez
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