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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Learning in the 21st Century High School Me/Teacher Me Learning in the 21st century has come a long way over the 4 or 5 years since I was in high school. There is so many more options for classroom friendly technology that does not only make teaching a little easier but it adds a new dimension to educating students in general. I feel it has become more than just a tool used to show the actual classroom material but has been integrated into the dynamic of teaching as a way to have students experience the material instead of just learning it. Some new visions and images I hold about the role of technology in education after engaging with theresources are that we cannot escape technology and there really is no reason to escape it. The worldis constantly changing and instead of looking at that as a bad thing it is important to embrace it andmake it work with what we want. Technology is able to enhance our teaching and our studentslearning experience by allowing us to connect with things and people that were out of reach before. Idon't really see much of a problem with this as long as I use it to where it makes me a better teacherand allows my students to learn more without taking over, which I don't think technology will do. I amsure as we continue to evolve technology will evolve as well but not to where it can become a teacheritself because students will still need that human connection as a guide for how to live in our everchanging world. Dealing with the Constant Change of Humans and Technology I think the nature of 21st century learning shapes our ethical and professional responsibilities as teachers in a positive way. Our students' abilities to communicate and explore and create have expanded and advanced a lot over the years which in a way makes them miss out on concepts and culture that no longer fit with the way our world is today. This gives teachers the opportunity to help teach students not only the contentof their subject but the importance of what it is to be a student and person in the 21st century as well as theskills they will need outside of technology. As teachers,we set an example because we are someone ourstudents see regularly and making sure we apply ethicsand professionalism that meet today's standards in atechnological world aids student development. On Ethical andProfessionalResponsibilities Effects of21st CenturyLearning 2012 document camera 2009 computer 2012 computer 2009 document camera
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