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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Engaging your audience Our fans and friends view our posts to see what you are offering them. They want to see our posts about you. They want to engage with your brand through us Some of our Partners 500K 75 Likes 125 Comments 2.1Mill 131 Comments 75 Likes 1.5Mill 125 Comments 135 Likes 500K 210 Comments 128 Likes 700K 174 Comments 47 Likes 259K 177 Comments 91 Likes Many of your existing and potential consumers spend time on social media but no one is going to pay attention to you on FB if you do nothing but talk about yourself We talk about your business to people who want to listen Our offer to You Creating & sharing content FB remains the most important social media platform available and this is especially true for the digitally aware Saigonite Building brand awareness Slap Dish & Happy Hour Saigon drive new customers, fans and followers to increase your brand awareness and revenue 1 We engage the community 26.000+ 24.000+ 1.500+ Total Reach Post Reach People Engaged for you so you don't have to do it 3 1 2 New partners join us every week If you would like us to run a longer campaign for you or include us as part of your ongoing marketing 4 5 Tailored Bespoke An on going campaignideal for product launchesor events Tell us what you needand we will design a campaign for you If you have a If you speak Restaura nt Vietname se Bar If you have a Give us a call Want to know more?
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