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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Some of our Partners 500K 75 125 2.1Mill 131 75 1.5Mill 125 135 500K 210 128 700K 174 Comments 47 259K 177 91 Our offer to You 1 New partners join us every week If you would like us to run a longer campaign for you or include us as part of your ongoing marketing 4 5 Tailored Bespoke An on going campaignideal for product launchesor events Tell us what you needand we will design a campaign for you If you have a If you speak Restaurant Vietnamese Bar If you have a Give us a call Want to know more? 0943.200.495 0908.073.288 0128.5353.527 1 1 1 1.5 2 5 From Million From 10 Million Call Phil on Call Peter on Call Jacky on Small business marketing is a challenge, especially when you're busy running your business and have a limited budget. $3500 Working with more than 100 winners To succeed in Saigon's fickle F&B sector you need to be visible to your key audiences consistently to stay Top of Mind 25 brands in Saigon's Food & Beverage sector we have given away prizes and promotions worth more than Marketing should be a priority, not just when business is slow, but traditional marketing is often expensive and ineffective. . We help you build better relationships with your customers through regular and authentic engagement This is how we help 3 You give vouchers for us to give away. This can be for food or for drink We create competitions on Facebook where people like, share and comment Because the engagement is authenticour viral reach is better than paid ads This builds real engagement with your brand and helps keep you top of mind to over When the competition has finishedwe randomly select the winners They come to visit you to enjoy theirvoucher the post photos on Facebook
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