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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SCORES: Indicates the number of items answered correctly on a test.EX. 15 words correctEvan got 15 out of 20 words (15/20) correct on the test. Raw Score: Percentiles: Standard Scores: Scaled Scores: T Scores: Stanines: Age Equivalent Scores: Grade Equivalent Scores: A score indicating the percentage of people or scores that occur at or below a given score.EX. Percentile rank of 75 percent.Olivia scored in the 75th percentile. She did as well or better than 75% of students in class. (Note:Did not get a 75%). A score that has been transformed to fit a normal curve, with a meanand standard deviation which stay the same across all ages. EX. Score of 80-89: Low AverageHas a standard score of 100 with a mean of 15 is the most common representation of score. A conversion of a raw score to a common scale that allows for a number comparison between students. Range from 1 to 19 with a mean of 10.EX. 7 Grace scored a 7 on reading and a 15 on math. Grace is low average in reading and superior in math. Another way to express test performance. Has a mean of 50 and a SD of 10.EX. T= 50+ 10zJoel scores a 1.5 SD above the mean. His T score is 65. T= 50+10(1.5). 1.5=SD above the mean which is z=1.5. Abbreviation for standard nines.This is a type of standard score.With a Mean of 5 and a SD of 2.EX. Stanine 9A stanine of 9 is 2 SD above the mean (5+2+2) A very general score used tocompare a the performance of a child at the same age with another. Estimated age level thatcorresponds to a given score. Almost always given in year and moth. EX. 7-11 Cody scores an age equivalent of 7-11. He is performing as well as the average 7 year 11 month old child. A very general score that is used to compare the performance of children in the same grade with another.Estimated grade level corresponds to a given score. This is given in grade and month on school. EX. 1.7 If a child receives the grade equivalent of 1.7, they are performing as well as a student in first grade, 7th month.
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