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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Historical Perspective on the Use of Energy PRIMITIVE MAN(1M YRS AGO) HUNTING MAN(100,000 YRS AGO) Energy consumptionestimated at 2,000 Kcal or 2,000 dietary calories Only source of energy is food Energy consumption 2.5 times thatof the primitive man Used energy in finding better ways on how to acquire food and in learning how to use wood both for heating and cooking Primitive agricultural man (5,000 years ago) Energy consumption2.5 times that of the hunting man Used energy in learning how to harness animals into growing crops Advancedagricultural man (1400 A.D) Energy consumption 2 times that of the primitive agriculture man Used energy ininventing devices thathelped tap the power of wind & water& in utilizing smallamounts of coalfor heating &harnessed animals to provide transpo Industrial man (18th - 19th century) Energy consumption 3 times that of the advanced agricultural man Used energy in theprocess of industrialization w/c was ushered by the invention of the steam engines that allowed man to unlock the earth's vast conconcentrated storage deposits of solar energy (coal, gas and oil) so he no longer was limited to natural energy flows Technological man (1970s - present) Consumed approximately230,000 Kcal of energyper day (~115 times thatof primitive man) withabout 26% of that amount being electrical energy Of that electrical energy,only about 10% resultedin useful work while theremaining 16% was wastedby inefficiencies inelectrical generationand transmission SOURCE:
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