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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Two types of forest ecosystems are a Marginal and Agricultural Ecosystem. Language Skills Medinillas Peace Lillies Mussaendas The leaves alternate positions to not block the sunlight from the leaves below. Rich glossy, and thick green leaves to retain water. Well adapted to low light environments and grows well indoors. The plant has glossy green leaves and a white flower. Wide leaves to float in water and stems to receive oxygen. The use of fertilizers affect the process of photosynthesis because, it helps them grow especially if the soil they are rooted to does not have enough nutrients. INF OGR APH Human activities that affect Agricultural Ecosystems are our waste itself, such as air pollution, and trash not thrown properly,it destroys the ecosystem. For Marginal Ecosystems, we remove soil and trees from the ground to built roads and buildings. Diversified rice cropping systemswhere rice is grown in rotation with other crops that are sustainable, cropping systems adapted to climate change and find ways to reduce emissions. IRRI's research will lead conserving technologies that support the further intensification and diversification of rice systems. Based on the overall trip, the thing that affect Photosynthesis and the Nutrient Cycle the most is Pollution. Pollution from cars, factories, cigarettes, etc. k/research/rice-and-t he-environmenthttps://renz15.wordpr moutn-makiling-forest- reserve-and-botanical- garden/ schools/gcsebitesize/s cience/triple_ocr_21c/f urther_biology/ecosyst ems/revision/4/
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