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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 SCID ( Severe combined immune deficiency) Disorder: SCID is a group of inherited disorders that cause abnormal disfuntions that affect the immune system. It is found in X linked chromosones and it affects males the most because they have one X and Y chromosone. Symptoms: Infection of the liverDiarrheaChronic skin infectionsFailure to grow and gain weight normallyeight or more ear infectionstwo or more cases of pneumoniaInfections that affect the lungs How often does this occur?: There is no central record for how manybabies are diagnosed with SCID, but the estimated amount is from 40 to 100 babiesper year. But adding tothis, scientist have noclue how many babiesare diagnosed and diea year. When the baby is first born you dont notice if they have symptoms because the first couple of weeks they are protected by the mothers antibodies. But later on they gain their own blood. It does not occur in one ethnicity it depends on your genes.The babies that are diagnosed with it usually die by the age of 12. But a baby with severe SCID can die in within a year.Treatment: the most affective treatment is getting a healthy person to donate their blood forming stem cells to someone diagnosed with SCID. Harris, William. "How Gene Therapy Works" 19 August 2013. <> 05 March N.p., Mar. 2015. Web. 5 Mar. N.p., Mar. 2015. Web. 5 Mar. 2015. Screening: Follow-up confirmatory testing includes lymphocyte counts FACTS: A boy named David Vetter,was put in a plastic bubble because he was diagnosed with scid.After becoming famous, they made a movie about him called the boy in the plastic bubble
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