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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Pre-hire process handled manually. Employee changes and transfers handled manually. Separate payroll for PSEG LI.Centralized database for employee Information.Consolidated employee data into Success factors.Bi-Weekly payroll for MAST. SAP KEY CHANGES Procurement HR & Payroll Delivery Fleet Legend:Red Dot - Increase in time; Blue Dot - Increase in Resource; Finance Use Classic General Ledger instead of New General Ledger.Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) will be in Excel Spreadsheets not Power Plan.Leases calculated in Excel Spreadsheets not Power Plan.SAP reports will be used instead of BW reports. All Work orders originate in SAP instead of Maximo.Separate SAP Work Orders for different Asset types.Field Smart CU design tool going away & manual scheduling for some meter work.NED data interaction with SAP.Direct manual time entry into CATs Time Entry.Work Order attachments saved outside SAP.Use SAPs centralized equipment database and maintenance Planning.Manage detailed project structure using SAP.New Sales Order process for new business. No portal for completion data entry.Upload measurement documents. E-Procurement and E-Catalog not available.Supplier Self-Service not available.P.O. Change is not automated.Master Data handled by LOB.ECC to procure and receive Outside Services.B.I. Reporting not available.Requisition Approval Work Flow not available.
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