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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sources: What is surveying? Surveying is the measurements of angles,distances and positions on or near the surface of the earth to determine the distances andslants between them. SURVEYING THROUGHOUT THE YEARS SURVEYING THROUGHOUT THE YEARS Surveying originated nearly 3000 years BC and it is one of the oldest professions in the world.Ancient Eygpt was then using mathematical methods to divide the fertile land near the Nile river and to make the Surveying became more eminent in the18th and 19th century when England and France required maps and the location of boundaries.The earliest surveying instruments comprised of libella,magnetic compass,compass and chain(colonial surveying Stadia rod transit and tape) among others.Nowadays, the high technologies have brought immense improvements in the sector enabling more rapid and accurate measurements. History Of Surveying Methods Of Surveying GPS - Global Satellite Positioning Surveying MethodElectronic Measuring Surveying MethodPhotogrammetric Mapping Surveying MethodTransit and Tape Surveying MethodCompass and Chain Surveying Method Brought to you by:Urvashi PratapYashweenee Bundhun Current Surveying Technologies High Order GPS Robotic Total Stations ( Theodolites ) 3D laser Scanners Satellite Positioning systems ( Create 3D models to understand and interpret the properties Deep Tows ( Deep Ocean floor survey systems) GIS Software ( Capture and analyse data creating digital maps) Trimble rapid Positioning System( Simplified layout solution for surveyors) Unmanned aircraft systems ( Aerial surveying)
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