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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 tap and hold to changethis text! Brandywine creek British leaders: William Howe Patriot Leaders: George Washington Casualties: 700 1600 1600 British advantages: a strong navy and fighting force What happened: they attacked Chadds Ford and they are trying to get into Philly Outcome: the British win and controls Philly Bunker Hill British leaders: General howe, Mayor John picartin Patriot Leaders: Williams Prescott Casualties: 441 1150 September 11, 1777 Chadds Ford, PA A little noon on June 17, 1775 Charleston Massachusetts British advantages: British force of 1500 men surprise attack, naval power What happened: The British yelled fire and they fired my weapons me in a surprise attack. But the Americans were ready the British lost 1150 men the attack and the Americans lost 441 men. Bunker hill exacted a heavy troll on British and the British army. Outcome:The patriots won the battle and the British lost the battle. Long Island British leaders: William Howe Patriot Leaders: George Washington Casualties: 2000 400 August 27,1776 New York city British advantages: Better army Large fighting force What happened: Washington takes troops to NYCBritish Washington a surrender instead of fightingPatriots are forced to retreat while 400 soldiers from Maryland cover the retreat Outcome: The British win the patriots go back to pa Bunker Hill Long island Brandywine creek
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