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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CONFUCIANISM Confucianism is also known as Ruism in other parts of the world Confucianists did not believe in the afterlife They believe that live is precious because it is short But they do still pray to their ancestors, not to wish them luck in the afterlife; but to pay them respects A man named Kong Qui first founded the Confucianism religion About 6,300,000 people follow Confucianism The temple of Confucius~ Confucianism teaches that heaven has chosen a man and his relatives to be a mediator between heaven and the area that they reside in.Try to be considerate to others. Always respect your ancestors. Achieve harmony and balance in all things. Avoid extremes in behavior and emotion. If you live in peace and harmony, then you will be in contact with the spiritual forces of the universe, including nature.The confucianists taught 5 basic rules: 1) kindness2) righteousness3) sobriety4) wisdom5) trustworthiness Confucianism was first born in 552 B.C.E. The inhabitants of the Confucianist religion believed that all ground was sacred; but there are some that can be more divine than others. These places include: Mount Tai, Qufu, Confucian temples, academies, institutes, and the family home. Residency~ The majority of the people who believe in Confucianism live in eastern Asia. This included larts of: China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. In america, 26,000 confucianists have taken up residence. Holy Text~ There were 4 ancient texts that were reffered to as the 4 books. They consisted of poems, histories, rituals, and sayings. The religion of Confucianism originates from China Confucianism Beliefs~ The temple of Confucius was a long red building with curved roofs pointing upwards, with grand doors tap and hold to change this title text! When a persons obligations have been completed, that person has lived a full life Anyone can be a Confucianist if they are willing to follow te rules and traditions The confucianist religion celebrated....Confucius' Birthday~ an important chinease teacher that followed Confucianism; the celebration of his birthday was held at a templeChing Ming Festival~ this festival took place 106 days after the winter solstice, families visit their ancestors at their grave and have lunch together. Confucianist also celebrated whenever they found it neccecary to pay respects to their ancestors. Confucianists pray at temples near them. They start with an opening prayer; and end with 5 vows that pledge themselves to Confucianism. They can worship whenever they see that it is neccecary. One of the main symbols of Confucianism is the yin yang symbol... It stands for balance in nature between opposing forces The water symbol... it stands for the source of life And a symbol that stands for total righteousness between yourself and others
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