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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Family The Perfect World Jobs Energy Transportation 1.Electric Golf Cart Drivers/Mechanic2.Government/Teaching3.Eco-friendly energy producing company4.House Designing and Repair Company5.City Maintenance Company6.Farming and Agriculture Company/Dog breeding7.Building Minions supervisor/Builder8.Army/The Police/Fire Department/Medical Team9.Gardeners/Farmers10.Entertainers/Comedian/Athlete11.Manufacturers of everyday things/Store Owners Food Currency Education This world's energy is entirely based off renewable wind and solar energy. Underground Road Tunnels Link the whole city together. Eco friendly Electric Golf Cart Like vehicles are the worlds main source of transportation. Maximum Amount Of Kids is 3.You can have up to 3 dogs.No other animals allowed in the Utopia exept in the agricultural division City Structure Each City Provides food and energy for themselves. About 20,000 people live in each city. Every City has their ownfarms that grow crops. Fresh fruit and vegetablesare grown year round. Our currency is based of Points (). Each point is equalto about one U.S. dollar GOVERMENT You can sign up for your own classes. Once you reach age 16 you make your career decision. There are 11 career categories that you can choose from. Then you go to school for 2 more years to learn your job then you start your job after your 18th birthday Every 4 Years An Election Takes Place.Two presidents are elected. Everyone can vote. Our world is areplica of Earthexcept it is 1/30 the size. Our World double click to change this title text! By:RyanHanson
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