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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Russian Revolution Why did they Revolt? How did the people overthrowthe government? -On 23rd February revolution,peasants and the workersleft the factory to protest against food shortagesin St.Petersburg.-In October revolution,the Bolshevik revolted. 1. People wanted to be controlled by their leaner. 2. People had been suffered in poverty and hardship. 3. Bolshevik encouraged citizens to uprise to have a new kind of government which is called communism. 4. Bolshevik had a nice slogan that affected peoplea lot, the bread, piece and land which thecitizens cared the most to survive. 3. Bolshevik encouraged citizens to uprise to have a newkind of government which is called communism. 5. for Bolshevik, in order to take over the government[they were armed] How did the government respond? By 1905 discontent among the bourgeoisie, peasantry,and proletariat had spurred Russian intellectualsto create the major political organizations of 1917. The Marxist Social Democratic Labor party wasestablished in 1898 and five years later it divided into two;the Mensheviks, who favored a decentralized, mass party;and the Bolsheviks, who wanted a tightly organized party. How did they organize? On Nov. 7, 1917, Russias Bolshevik Revolutiontook place as forces led by Lenin overthrewthe provisional government ofAlexander Kerensky.Tsar Nicholas II was overthrown and Leninand the Bolsheviks took power. February 23-27, Workers and peasantsstarted to have strikesand demonstrations in St. Petrograd. March 2, Czar Nicholas II abdicatedhimself and provisional governmentformed. July 11, Alexander Kerensky becamePrime minister of the Provisional government. October 25, 26/ Bolsheviks took overSt. Petrograd and entered Winter Palaceto find Kerensky. 1918, Bolsheviks seized the power of Russia. The Bolshevik factionchanged its name to Communist Party. Yoona, Bin, Venessa The result of the february revolution was quitesuccessful for the people because, Tsar Nicholas II abdicatedfrom the throne. After that, the provisional governmenttook the power. the government and Petrograd Soviet, generally preferred to rule at least partially democratic. Who Revolted?
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