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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 France was involved in slave trade Minor: Between 1450 and 1480 The Basics: Considered a Land Empire Current/Historical Russian Flag Ivan the Terrible becomes Tsar of Russia Stroganov family hires adventurer named Yermak to capture Ural Mtns., enforcing expansion 1547 Ruby Java C++ HTML & CSS C SQL Javascript Perl Great PHP Decent French Empire vs. Russian Empire RUSSIAN EMPIRE 1450-1750 May2013 Expansion: Empire expandedfrom Eurasia to the Pacific coast. Poles evictedfrom Russia,Romanov begins 1581 Woven Cloth Russia=LAND empireFrance=MARITIME empire Mongols Ivan the Terrible Skills Gunpowder Fur trade PetertheGreat IronTools Russian Trade Bureaucracy reorganization Trade enforcement Territory expansion Infrastructuredevolped Military reform Empire aspects and reforms Number of rulers at the time Number of Allies for trade *Number of Merchants trading Alicia Powell: Graphic OrganizerKenny Roach: Project ManagerJames Miller: Quality Control Inspector Lead Researcher: Kaaran Williams & Co-Researcher: Micahla Clark Some trade with Europe under Tsars Ivan III and Ivan IV 1613 Russia cast off Mongol rule, leading toterritorial expansion and political centralization St. Petersburgest. *(By thousands) Both made large profit from fur tradeand settled in the Americas France didn't have accessto major trading routes Russia= traditional agricultural society & revolts occurred b/c noble control oflower class War of Polish Succession; Russian invasion of Poland 1733-1735 1689 Peter the Great becomes soleruler in Russia Russian wars with British, Native Americans, and some Spanish.
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