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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Effects of Running The Dark Side VS. The Bright Side Higher risk of developingosteoarthritis in joints Increased risk of developing heart beat People who maintain a healthy lifestyle through running have a lower risk of developing heart disease than do sedentary people. Keeps a person in shape and healthy if trained correctly. Has been shown to slow the aging process. In a study with 52,600 people over 3 decades, people who ran had a lower death rate rather thannonrunners. Works CitedDavis, John. "Can Long-term Running Impact Joint Health? What the Science Says About the Risk of Osteoarthritis from Running." RunnersConnect. 2010 RunnersConnect,Inc., 2010. Web. 2 Feb. 2015. <>. Hutchinson, Alex. "The Too-Much-Running Myth Rises Again." Runner's World. Rodale, 28 Nov. 2012. Web. 2 Feb. 2015. <>. O'Mara, Kelly. "How Much Running Is Bad for Your Heart?" Competitor. Competitor Group, 29 June 2012. Web. 2 Feb. 2015. <>. 19% 45% irregular Moderate Runners Intense Runners ...intense runners have a more likely chance to within 12 years 9% In a study done with 1,098 runners including... die young
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