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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Rules vs. Dreams Waverly and Her Mother Rules Of The Game Dreaming Of Heroes Mike and Billy -Waverly and her mother's relationship impacted her playing chess becauseher mother would push her a motivateher so that she could take her -Another adult/child relationshipis between Lao Po and Waverly.He acted as her mentor and supporter as she was learning to play chess. . -Mike and Billy's relationship affectedMike playing football because it washis father who had motivated him andencouraged him so after he died, mikedidn't want to play anymore because it reminded him of his father. Eventually,that is the same thing that pushed himto be the best on the field. -Don and Charlie's relationship affected Don while he was playing because hisfather was a football legend and he was expected to live up to his reputation, butcracked under the pressure of it. In the stories Rules of the Game and Dreaming of heroes, the relationshipsbetween children and their parents impacted their lives in many ways. Whether it was playing chess or playing football, their parents influence determined how they would play their game. In Rules of the Game, Waverly'smother was controlling and used Waverly's fame for her own benefit. In Dreaming of Heroes, after Mikes father passes away, Mike doesnt want toplay football because he doesnt want to be reminded of his father. In thesestories, it is evident that parent/adults influence on us and what we docan change our lives and the way we do things. Conclusion By: Amy Tan By: H.G. Bissinger Drew HerimanPeriod 1
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