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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Rules of Survival BY NANCY WERLIN SETTING: CONFLICT: Living in an abusive home Southie, Boston. The story takes place in Southie, Boston.It is a poor neighborhood near the ocean. Matthew and his sisters live in an abusive household. Their mother, Nikki, is always abusing them by hitting them.Matthew feels like he is required to take care of his sisters. CHARACTERIZATION: The plot of the story starts off slow withMatthew telling how everything started.It rises as soon as Murdoch and Nikki breakup. Nikki goes insane and starts to beat her kids. She goes to jail and kidnaps Emmy building uptension. The climax is when Matthew is about to killNikki but Murdoch stops him. After that, it slows down and Matthew grows up with his aunt. THEME: MATTHEW: Responsible and mature. He always has his guard up and takes care of his sisters.MURDOCH: Caring and helpful. Tries really hard to do as much as he can for Matthew.NIKKI: Irresponsible and an addict. Rarely does anything good for her kids and is carelesson everything she does. Goes missing for days and beats her children.CALLIE: Honest and careful. Follows Matthew a lot and takes care of Emmy.EMMY: Six year old girl and does not think about her actions just like any other six year old. AUNT BOBBIE: Caring and supportive. Cares a lot about Matthew and his sisters. Gains custody of Matthew and his sisters. The tone of the story is slow and calm. There is no action in the book but more of emotionalmoments. Even in the climax, the tone wasstill calm but it built up tension. TONE: PLOT: The theme of the story is that you have to speak upto get help. Matthew spoke up and told Murdoch that he was being abused. Immediately, Murdoch and his AuntBobbie told the police and sent Nikki for jail. They soon moved into their aunt's house and were saved from living in an abusive home.
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