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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Money, money, money Level Up! Keep your Friends close Completion Stay Alive! Cut 'em Down Victory Conditions Keep your General safe Main Camp Rules First and foremost, you will never be as importanton the battlefield as your General, or "Commander".If your General's HP reaches 0, you will lose the battle. Your main camp is the lifeblood of your battle.Do not lose control of the main camp byallowing your General to be killed, or for your Defendant of the Main Camp to be killed. Of course, if your HP (Health Points) reaches 0,you will die and the battle will be lost.Healing items such as riceballs can be found onenemies (they will drop these upon their defeat)or in cases around the level. Healing items willensure your HP is sustained. Walk into these to use the items. There is no storing them away. Enemy soldiers will cause problems for you onthe battlefield. Attacking these soldiers with yourweaponry will decrease their HP. The enemy diesonce their HP reaches 0.The enemy will also drop useful items to booststats for a short period of time, so defeating enemieswill help to win the level. Victory conditions are displayed at the"Platform level" before a battle. Thoughthese may change during the battle, mostlythe Victory conditions include not losing theMain Camp, or your General.Defeat the enemy commander to win the battle. OR in some cases, occupy the enemy main camp. never Allies can change the entire morale of the soldiers and other generals alongside you. Keeping an allyalive and in "Good Spirits" will keep your unit strongand strong-willed. In some cases, Victory Conditionsstate that you may not lose an ally, so keep them alive. Motivation In order to avoid deserters or traitors, theAllies Morale needs to be kept strong. The Morale counter is always displayed in thetop right corner of the screen, so keep aneye on your Morale. This can be increased bydefeating large amounts of enemy soldiers. Win the game by completing the levelsin the Character's story mode, this willunlock new characters so you can startagain with a new character's plotline. Leveling up can mean the difference betweendefeat and victory. Leveling up boosts the character's stats, allows them to learn new fighting moves and will ultimately win battles.To level up, defeat enemies for EXP (experience). New skills may be acquired bydefeating enemy generals, howeverskills may also need to be bought,as well as buying upgrades for yourweapon. Visit the store on the level select screen to spend your gold on skills, mounts and weaponry.Earn Gold by defeating enemies, winning the level, and completingcertain tasks within the level.
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