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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RUDYARD KIPLING BORN1865 DIED 1936 Age 6 (1871) Mother sent him to foster care Age 11 (1876) On theverge of mental break-down. Mother picked himup Age 12 (1877) Kiplingstarts college Age 16 (1881) Movesback to India to work withhis family in newspapers Age 42 (1907) Kipingawarded the Nobel PiecePrize Age 27 (1892) Rudyardgained a Mrs. Kipling The Hyaenas 19th century = era of quickly accelerating scientific discovery and invention.He foresaw the first world war and tried to warn South Africa to get prepared for worst case scenarios. After the burial-parties leave And the baffled kites have fled;The wise hyaenas come out at eve To take account of our dead.How he died and why he died Troubles them not a whit.They snout the bushes and stones aside And dig till they come to it.They are only resolute they shall eat That they and their mates may thrive,And they know that the dead are safer meat Than the weakest thing alive.(For a goat may butt, and a worm may sting, And a child will sometimes stand;But a poor dead soldier of the King Can never lift a hand.)They whoop and halloo and scatter the dirt Until their tushes whiteTake good hold of the army shirt, And tug the corpse to light,And the pitiful face is shewn again For an instant ere they close;But it is not discovered to living men -- Only to God and to thoseWho, being soulless, are free from shame, Whatever meat they may find.Nor do they defile the dead man's name -- That is reserved for his kind. Really depressing tone - The majority of his poems or works consist of some pretty serious and saddening tones or plot lines Overwhelming sense of reflection and contemplation - Always a deep moral to the story (a lesson to belearned that he had to learn from personal experience) Fun Facts About Rudyard Kipling Later in life, went back to India andfell in love with the country all overagain His wife was the sister of his bestfriend, Balestier $$$$$ :( :) WRITINGCAREERPOPULARITY
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