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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RtI and Action Research RtI- Getting Started Decide how to introduce RtI to parents and staff and how to handle the cost of the program. Question/Relevance The stage when the researcher is trying to figure out what needs to be researched and why. RTI- Training Staff Definitions and Review of the Literature How the teacher will learn what they are doing through professional development. This is an on-going process. When the topic of research has been decided and it is understood that can be specific, it is time to locate and investigate the situation and what others have done. RtI- Planning Interventions Teachers will need to plan on a daily basis because student needs change daily. This is an on-going process. Hypothesis and Method Make a predication about what might happen during the study and plan how the will be implemented. RtI- Assessing Students Students need to be assessed on a regular basis to see if the interventions are working. Data Collection RtI- Scheduling Interventions Schedules need to be determined by when students are able to learn the best- some might learn better in the morning and some in the afternoon. Collecting detailed and valid information about the study. RtI- Implementing Interventions Reteaching of content with trained professionals or using materials created for intervention. RtI- Evaluation tap and hold to changethis text! Deciding if the intervention was successful- all students achieving at grade level tap and hold to changethis text! Data Analysis tap and hold to changethis text! tap and hold to changethis text!
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