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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A brief history of the Roaring twenties The pros are factories produced more goods,prices were reasonable and many people worked shorter hours while having higher wages.The cons are framers went into bankruptcy,factories made more than they could sell which forced them to lay off people. Economy The Harlem Renaissance was a section of New York City where many African Americans settled. Many called it the rebirth of literature,art,music for African Americans. One artist was Langston Hughes known as a famous poet he included jazz-inspired rhymes. Another artist is Zora Neale Hurston also known as " Queen of the Renaissance." She wrote stories and sang songs to celebrate African Americans. Harlem Renaissance Maritime flagsemaphores ElectricTelegraph Semaphorelines FirstMobilePhone 1790 Jazz age economy Characteristics of the Jazz age are creative because people found new ways to attract people with music and invaded because the flappers changed the way society though of women. Immigration Immigration laws changed in the roaring 20s by setting limits on how many immigrants could come in and not letting people from many parts of Asia come in. The prejudice from the south led to the great African American migration. Jobs in factories was a factor. Great African American migration The advancements of transportation in the roaring 20s were airplanes and cars. The cars were reasonably priced because of Henry Fords assembly lines. Transportation The 19th amendment gave women the right to vote. In August 1920 it was ratified and became a law. Amendment John T. Scopes was a young high school science teacher. He taught the theory of evolution. For this he went to court was found guilty and fined 100$. The guilty charge was later overturned. People who broke the mold
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