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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mr. Hefkey joined the Ontario Public Service in 1984 as a police officer with the OPP. In 1995, Dan was among the first OPP officers to participate in the United Nations Civilian Policing mission to Haiti.Upon his return, Mr. Hefkey was part of a team that examined emergency preparedness within the OPP, resulting in the creation of the Emergency Management Bureau where Mr. Hefkey became Operational Planner.In January 2007, Mr. Hefkey was appointed Chief for Emergency Management Ontario, where he oversees the coordination, development and implements prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery strategies to maintain and enhance the safety and security of Ontarians. Dr. Alexander Ferworn is a Professor of Computer Sciencein the Faculty of Science at Ryerson University. He serves as Associate Chair and Director of Graduate Programs within his Department and as Faculty Liaison between Ryersons G.Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education and the Faculties of Science, and Engineering and Architectural Science. He is also the Academic Coordinator for Ryersons Certificate Program in Disaster and Emergency Management. Sponsors: Jean-Jacques has a passion for making and sharing knowledgeat the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship and ideas. He conducted economic analysis of risk as investment attraction and commercialization lead at the Ministry of Research and Innovation, Economist at the Ministry of Finance and as Community Safety Advisor to a Deputy Minister with responsibility for Emergency Management Ontario. He also represented industry to government in support of cross-sector collaboration.Jean-Jacques holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University. He is a PhD Candidate in Philosophy of Science at the University of Toronto, where he studies scientific change and business innovation. He is Board Chair of the Obsidian Theatre Company, Board Vice Chair at CARE for Internationally Educated Nurses, and a regular speaker to local youth and community groups. Mr. Dan Hefkey Ontario Commissioner of Community Safety Dr. Alexander Ferworn CD PhD Academic Coordinator - Certificate Program in Disaster and Emergency Management, Ryerson University Mr. Jean-Jacques Rousseau Managing Director, Rousseau Ventures
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