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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Roman expansion First expansion 509-264 Punic Wars Expansion Expansions at the End of the Republic The first roman expansion was nearly 200 years of all out war. After the Etruscans were overthrown the Romans began expanding their territory all through out the Italian peninsula.Romans also signed a treaty with all their Italians neighbors. The treaty said that there shall be peace between the Romans and all the communities of latins as long as heaven and earth endure. But in 390 BCE the roman conquest came to a halt the Gauls a warring tribe from the north invaded rome. They looted the city and burned it to the ground.though the city in ruins the Romans decided to rebuild. In the 300s BCE the Romans were able to conquer the Etruscans as wells as the Samnites and several Greek cities. By 275 BCE the roman conquest of the Italian peninsula was complete. During the last years of the republic the Romans had to deal with allies who didn't want to pay taxes and fight in their army's. In 91 bc they rebelled. In order to satisfy their allies the Romans, allowed free Italians to become Romans. Also Romans had to deal with slaves result. Also the Romans had to deal with the Slavs and their slave revolts. Romans treated slaves very poorly. In 73 bc a famous slave named Spartacus lead a slave revolt. Also the amount of slaves caused many Romans to be out of a job and so they turned to the army. A man named Julius caesar and Pompeii lead to a civil war. Ceased won The civil war, the terrified senate than announced that ceased would then become the dictator for life. But in 44 bc he was stabbed to death as he was walking into the senate. Though the senators had a good idea the republic was beyond saving and soon fell in its ashes arose a new emperor The Punic wars expansions started when rome started conquering cities that Carthage held. This caused them to go to war. The first Punic war was fought mostly at sea. Though the Romans did not have a powerful navy the Romans were able to win the war on a stunning sea battle in 241 bc. Rome then took over Sicily and other islands. 23 years later the second Punic wars started when a Carthage commander Hannibal lead a army into Rome and ravaged Rome. For 15 years Hannibal's army fought Rome. He then returned home to Carthage to defend against a roman army but was then defeated. Because of his defeat Carthage had to give Spain to Rome along with huge sums of money. Then about 50 years later spurred on by a senator named Cato, the Romans attacked and fought Carthage for three years. At the end of the third war Carthage was defeated and Rome was the most powerful power in the Mediterranean. Though Rome gained lots of territory it came at a big costs lots of farms were destroyed and lots of men were killed.
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