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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Romanticism The Romanticism movement transformed art almost completely. Artists began to express the wonders of nature, and paint people other than the societal figures of the time. Romanticism:-emotional-love of solitude/nature-subjectiveperception-satisfaction ofdesire-exotic Pre-Romanticism:-reasonable+practical-love of public/urbane life-objective science-desire repressedmundane Causes:-Westward movement-promise of growth-freedom-optimistic feeling-immigrants, new cultures-Enlightenment-search for spiritual roots Equality leads to sense of isolation because people work for their own equal chance, which leads to differences in values Women writers began to berecognized: (left) Bronte Sisters (right) Christina Rossetti Art before the Romanticism movement consisted mostly of portraitsof significant figures in society. Art Before Social Effects Literature Before After Music The Romanticism movement was an artistic, intellectual, and cultural movement in the end of the 18th centuryto the mid 19th century. While Romanticism was, to some degree, a reaction to the Westward expansion, it was also a revolt against the ideas spurred by the Age of Enlightenment. Romantics disliked the more aristocratic, scientific thinking people of the Enlightenment age, and sought to change things up. They focusedon the aesthetics of the things around them, and believed that the natural world was righteous, while humansociety was corrupt and twisted. Romantics also embraced ideas about the true, beautiful, and the good, andfocused on emotions like horror, awe, and apprehension in their artistic works. Although Romanticism had a huge affect on the arts, such as literature, painting, and music, it also had some downsides to the social side of things. Holly Hay5th Period Lounibos11-22-13 After
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