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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 During the Romanticism Period, death is viewed much differentlythan it's viewed now. In earlier times, death was often embraced.Death was considered something natural and positive. Now death isviewed as something bad. People grieve when death occurs. Instead ofembracing death, many long for those who have passed. Even thoughmost people viewed death as something natural and peaceful in theRomantic Period, not everyone did. Edgar Allan Poe, a poet from theRomanticism Period, viewed death as many individuals do now. He isshown to grieve and have great sadness because of death in manyof his writings. ROMANTICISMBy: Amber Cousin The RavenEdgar Allan Poe Coldest WinterKanye West 1845 West says "Her love is a thousand miles away".He is referring to his mother whois now in heaven and "a thousandmiles away". He longs for his motherslove, which he can no longer receive.West is another individual that doesn'tview death as some warming and pleasant.West also says "Goodbye my friend, will I everlove again?" He is heartbroken by the deathof his mother to the point where he wondersif he will ever love again. This shows great griefand tremendous sorrow. 2008 Poe says ..."sorrow for the lost Lenore..."In this, he states that he issad for his lost love, Lenore.Which shows Death, to him, isn't apleasant event.Poe also says "Quaff, oh quaffthis kind nepenthe and forget this lostLenore!" Here Poe is stating that hewants to drink and drink to forgethis love Lenore. This means thathe is grieving and very sad.
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