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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ROMAN SPORTS Roman sports were highly influenced by the greeks. however, the romans payed attention to the strengthening of the body, compared to the greeks, who cared about the artistic side of sports. In many roman sports, emphasis on violence was apparent, they did this to make the sports more entertaining for the citizens of rome Romans keeping fit Romans loved keeping fit. Romans originally didn't have gyms ( in roman words gymnasia) ,but due to the sure fact that they loved keeping fit, the wealthy would invest some of thier money in to a public gym and a private gym Comapared to modern days Till this day we still exersize, but we dont love keeping fit, as much as the romans, in roman days every citizen would go to the gym, but in our time, most people favour sitting at home and watching tv.The romans made a big impact on the fitness side of things, as they gave us gyms ( which they stole from thier greek counterparts) Roman Boxing Roman boxing is one of the most popular sports in roman history, because an average citizen was permitted to box at their free will. This is just like chariot racing, where they have a leuge for the pros, and a leuge for the noobs, but chariot racing just cost too much money Romans had to provide this game for the amusement of their citizens. These fights were not controlled by rules, and biting/scratching was not uncommon. The only way a victory was decided, is when one party is dead, or the party, lifts up a finger, to show they are not able to continue Boxing gloves where made out of raw ox hide. If both fighters were tired but wished to continue, they would be permitted to request for a break to regain their strength AKA resting the knees (roman terms) Compared to modern times,boxing in our modern day is simply to boring, we have a set of rules, there were no cheap shots, no biting and scratching, foamed boxing gloves and so on Gladiator battles :Gladiator battles , were brutal fights with weapons and fierce men, there were no rules, and were one of the center of attention in roman lifestyle. We already know alot about gladiator battles, so im going to mention some things we didnt know Gladiators were not always slaves, in early rome all gladiators were inded slaves, but by 1st century AD Roman men, that were intrigued by the attention and roar of crowds, would start volenturhingly sign up Gladiatorial bouts were originally part of funerals, the famous thumbs down gesture didn't mean death, although most of the time it lead to death, but what it really ment was a win for the opponent. Originalythis was a way for the teachers of the roman gladiator schools to call their proteges a disgrace, was then used by the host to say whether it was a clear win, and if the loser had to die Although we dont have gladiator battles in modern times. the memories and storys will live on forever. But one thing we did take from the romans were their stadiums, they created massive stadiums to host major sporting event. Now in modern day we use massive stadiums which we use for football. Another thing we can take out of gladiator battles is the chants. Chant are used for the fans/spectatorsto communicate something to the professionals it may be a taunt, or it could be a song, but it is most definitely one of the factors in a teams win or lose. Some roman chants still exist in modern day, such as a roman chant saying, you disgrace your friends, you disgrace your family.......... you messed up again. That was directly translated from one of the roman battles. One last thing we can take out of roman sportsis the support. We all support diffrent football teams, like the romans supported diffrent gladiator schools, same concept.
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