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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Roman Sports How did roman sports influence modern day sports? Brief introduction to roman sports and sports in general The romans created all types of sports. Such as: lucta (wrestling),pugilatus (boxing), weight lifting, ball games (tennis etc...), cursus (running), quinquertium (pentathlon: Discus, Javelin etc...), charriot racing, swimming and board games What are sports? Sports are activities that involveathletic skill. Sports are usuallydone individually but some sportsinvolve teamwork. Such as Football, Soccer etc... Most roman sports are done individually, such as gladiators, boxing etc... How did Roman Sports influence our modern day sports? In the older days, romans used inflated pig bladders as the ball to play the sport football, well now days people aren't that cruelto kill pigs for a inflated pig bladder. In the roman times,they played boxing (pugilatus) with metal gloves. Now days, people use boxing gloves to do the sport boxing. Romans enjoyed gladiators killing other gladiators. They also enjoyed gladiators killing animals (wild animals) Bull fighting is quite popular and entertaining for the audience,it is like gladiators fighting wild animals but not the same. Other sports like Discus are still being used in our modern day sports. Like football, wrestling, boxing, discus, running, board games and more. Obviously sports have evolved from killing and gore to fun and interesting. Board games have been evolved to chess, checkers etc..
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