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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Roman Bridges The materials in the road structure are very strong and can stand very heavy vehicles. Also they both have 4 layers (Table Above). But the modern day road has better and stronger materials. But there is a same materials in the road structure which is sand. I believesand is used in road structures because it can absorb lot's of pressure of weight from the vehicles. This technology influenced us today because this has bring a new way to travel which is very important today. Also they thought this technology was very important and also they thought this is very useful and also needs improvements. Which they have done by changing the materials because it was stronger and duriable. Intersting Facts About Roman Engineering 1. The Romans built over 400,000 km of roads including 29 highways that lead to the city of Rome.2. The Latin word for road is via.3. It is estimated that the Romans built over 900 bridges in their empire. Roman Roads This technology is very important in the Roman Society because without it. It would be difficult to travel around in the Roman Empire. Also without it would be difficult to send supplies and food to the soldiers. And without this technology roads would not exist nowadays and it would be extremely difficult to travel around. How Important Were Roads In The Roman Society? The Roman's used this technology for Miliatry so they can travel to the war zone/area more easily. And they mostlikely used it to send food and materials to the warriorsso they can build a base there to live there for a while.They also used it so they can travel around rome moreeasily and they also used it so they can travel aroundthe Roman Empire. How Has The Roman's Use This Technology? Similarities & Differences How Has This Infulence Us By The Romans? Bridges are important in the Roman Society because it helped everyone in the Roman Society. It helped The Miliatary because it created a faster and smoother are to march. It also helped travelers and vacationers because it made a smoother ride to their destination. And it also created more roads which lead to Rome. How Has The Roman's Use This Technology? The Roman's used this technology to connect with other places they have never been to. Because it would be impossible at their time to make one because it would take years. Also because it was too expensive and far and deep to reach. The materials in Roman Bridges are very different compared to modern day bridges. In Roman Bridges they use brick or concrete. In the picture they used brick. Modern day bridges uses metals because they can handle more weight. The only similarity is that the purpose of both of these bridges are that vehicles are suppose to go over them. Similarities & Differences How Has This Infulence Us By The Romans? How Important Were Bridges In The Roman Society? This has influenced us because it is a very important invention because without it we could not have traveled to places that we can now. Also this invention has saved tons of money. Because without the bridge we would have to pour something and put a road over it and that would take a long time and a lot of money. Roman Concrete How Important Were Concrete In The Roman Society? Concrete is very important in the Roman Society because without it there would tons of things you would not see nowadays. Also you concrete there would be lots of inventions that wouldn't exist without concrete. But you say there are lots of alternatives than concrete but concrete is a cheap and strong alternative. In the Roman Society concrete is mostly everywhere. The reason is because concrete was very popular at that time because it is strong and can last a extremely long. Concrete has helped The Roman Society and Modern Day Society invent things you see now around you. For example: Roads, Bridges & arches and tons of other things. How Has The Roman's Use This Technology? Ingerdients:LimestoneWooden TemplateVolcano AshesBucketWater1. Crush limestone.2. Put in a bucket and mix it with water.3. Mix till un-smooth.4. Crush volcano ashes.5. Mix with the limestone.6. When mixed add sand to complete it.7. Put it in a wooden template and seal it up.8. Fill the whole inside of the wooden template with concrete.9. Cover the whole wooden template and make sure it's tight.10. Put it in water and make sure the whole wooden template covered with water.11. Take it out of the water and your complete! This Is How You Make Concrete In The Roman Times: Similarities & Differences Comparing to modern day concrete there are differences. The way they make concrete is very different because they use different materials/ingredients. I believe the reason why they don't use the same materials/ingeridents because it's cheaper and easier to make. How Has This Influence Us By The Romans? The Romans has influenced us to use this technology because it was very useful and also it is very strong at it's price and also how the Romans used this technology convinced us even more. This material is also very strong and durable and also not very expensive to make at the Roman Time. But now a days it is expensive so people have to figure out a new way to make concrete. And they have found a cheaper way of making concrete.
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