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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Direct Democracy(Greece) RepresentativeDemocracy(Rome) Magistrates Senate Tribunes/ Assemblies How was democracy a radical departure from Theocracy and Monarchy How was democracy a radical departure from Theocracy and Monarchy? In both Theocracy and Monarchy, a single person held absolutepower. In Democracy, however,the power was shared by multiplepeople, and the citizens also hada part in democracy. Democracy has influenced modern society in many ways. In the U.S.A, we stilluse Representative Democracyjust as the Romans did, manyyears ago. Roman Republic The Roman republic actually came from Greece's Direct Democracy. However, in the Roman Republic, the citizens vote for their leaders.These leaders will represent he people in the city, when they are votingor discussing. These are the three partsof the Roman Republic. The senate was mostly made up of patricians (the upper classpeople of Rome). The Magistrateswere also mostly made up of thePatricians. The Assemblies and Tribunes, however, were made upof the Plebeians (the lower classpeople of Rome) and Patricians. The Greek Democracy was the first democracy in the world, paving the way forother nations to also start democracy. While Greece started with Direct Democracy,Rome continued it by changing it slightly to become Representative Democracy.Many of the things in the Roman Republic are similar to those of the U.S Democracy,,such as the Senate. Without the stepping stone left by Grece and Rome, the Democracy we have today might not have been here.
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