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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Roman Religons -Jews were a people who believed in monotheism, which means one God.- The Jews were from Judea- Judea was conquered by Rome in the first century B.C, and the Romans were harsh rulers-Around 70 A.D, the Jews rebelled under the harsh rule of the Romans, and the Romans responded by destroying most of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, the holiest place in the Jewish religion Chris tianit y Jud ais m -A Jewis hman named Jesus was born around 4 B.C.-Jesus was taught to be a carpen terunti lhe started to preach Judais mat age 30-His follow ersbeli evedth athe was the Messia h,or their savior-At age 33, Jesus was execut edby way of crucifi xionfor his practic es- His follow ers'sb eliefsf ormed anew religio n-Chri stianit y-Christ ianswe retreat edhars hlythro ughouti tsfirst couple hundre dyears-In 312 A.D, Emper orCons tantine conver tedto Christi anity,a ndhe made Christi anityR ome'so fficialr eligion-In the followi ngcent uries,C hrisita nitywo uldgro wandg row,an dgrow, to the religio uspow erhous eitis now -Around 4 B.C, a Jewish man named Jesus was born.-Jesus grew up to be a carpenter, and did so until he turned 30 years old.-When Jesus was 30, he started preaching Judaism-His followers believed that Jesus was the Messiah, or their savior.-When he was 33 years old, Jesus was executed by way of crucifixion because the Roman government believed that he was disrupting Rome's peace with his beliefs and followers-His followers's beliefs formed a new religion- Christianity-Christians were treated harshly for hundreds of years after Jesus's death.-In 312 A.D, Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity, making it the official Religon of Rome-Christianity then spread like wildfire into the major religion that it is today -Paganism is the belief in many different gods, each for a particular purpose- Paganism is the original religion of Ancient Rome, and the ancient Romans believed in many gods -Many Roman gods were modeled after gods and goddesses from ancient Greek religious beliefs-There were many different gods in the Roman pantheon, including:Jupiter- King of the gods, lord of the sky, son of SaturnNeptune- Lord of the sea, son of SaturnUranus- Lord of the Underworld, son of SaturnJuno- Queen of the gods, Goddess of marriage and childbirth, daughter of SaturnCeres- Goddess of the harvest, daughter of SaturnVesta- Goddess of the hearth, daughter of SaturnMars- God of war, son of SaturnApollo- God of archery,medicine, sun, etc. , Diana's twin, son of SaturnDiana- Goddess of the hunt, moon, etc. , Apollo's twin, daughter of Saturn-After Constantine converted to Christianity, Paganism was soon forgotten and Christianity soon became the dominant religion Paganism
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