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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Roman Military played a huge role in the societyof the Roman Empire, it was a common occupation for many young men looking to earn some coin as well as a way for men to receive the glory of battle.The Roman Empire was constantly at war with othercountries and was always in danger of a rebellion so the military of the empire was one of the most importantoccupation in the empire. Rome rose to the top of the ancient world with a boost from its military, which rode advances in warfare, along with tenacity, to victory. With the basic unit of the legion,they hit upon a tactical militarycontingent of supreme maneuverability, much like today's division. The Romans emphasized discipline and military engineering, refined sophisticated war machines and stressed flexibility and speed while sustaining professionalism and organisational skills second to none, influences that linger today. Roman MilitaryContributions tothe Modern World The Role of theRoman Military The military of the Roman Empire evolved afterhundreds of years of invading and conquering the areas of the Mediterranean. The Roman military was originally a small group of farmers in the smallcountry of Latium who overthrew their king because of his tyrant nature. After the massacre that followed, the Romans started to rule themselves, this was thestart of the Roman Republic. The Origins ofthe Roman Military The Romans have greatly influenced our modern daymilitary with their tactics, their formations and theirweapons. Much like the Romans, today we emphasisediscipline and military engineering, refined sophisticatedwar machines and physical and mental strength. Theytaught our modern day army about professionalism andorganisational skills, influences that linger to this day. How does the Roman Militaryinfluence us today
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