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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Roman Military Roman Military The roman legion was founded in 753 BC and ended at 476 AD which then means the roman legion campaigned for approximately 1300 years. The roman legion used weapons such as the gladius (short sword) which the blade was 20-25 inches long, spatha (Regular sword) which was thinner but longer than the gladius. the spathas blade was 30-39 inches long, Pugio (dagger) a small extra knife just in case, Pilum (javelin) a long spear for throwing which usually weighed 2-4 kilos. The pilum was 2 meters long. The Pilum has 2 different counterparts like the verutum which was a shorter and lighter variant and the hasta which is latin for spear which this one is used more like a spear than a javelin. Weapons The roman legions armor consisted of Iron and Bronze they also used shields called the Scutum which were long vertical boards with patterns of the roman empire mostly in colour of red and gold apart from the battle between Julius caesar and Pompeii which Pompeiis army used blue and silver. Armour Roman Military Equipment Roman military requirements In the roman military soldiers had to pay for their own weapons, armour, food and even their own funeral! Roman military history The roman army at it's finest was at the time of Julius caesar, as they managed to take over Southern Europe, Western Europe, Near East and North Africa The Roman Legion consisted of A Roman Navy and Roman Army The roman army is considered "the most effective and long-lived military institution known to history."
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