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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The G.R.A.P.E.S. Of Ancient Rome R- The Romans adopted many Greek gods, but they changed the name of them. They believed that gods controlled their daily lives, and left sacrifices for them. They had special festivals to honor their gods. G- Rome was a hilly location that was easy to defend, had good farmland, and was close to the Mediterranean Sea. It was a great location for trade. A- The Romans had many great achievements. They founded many cities, created the Latin language, made an alphabet used today, built incredible structures, and lasted for an incredibly long time. P- Patricians were the rich and noblemen of Rome, and made up 5% of the population. Plebeians were common folk, and made up 95% of the population. The Pax Ramona was a period of peace in Rome that lasted 200 years. Some leaders of Rome include Julius Caesar, Augustus, Cleopatra, and Mark Antony. E- Rome had an economy that was based on trade and agriculture and was not advanced. They had only small amounts of industry. Coins were introduced during the republic. They traded for agricultural goods, metals, minerals, perfumes and dyes, wild animals, ivory, glass, etc. S- Romans were vey divided in terms of social groups. The rich could afford luxuries, but the common folk worked hard in jobs such as being a blacksmith, farmer, or shopkeeper. The Roman baths were a key social area when almost anyone could go to workout, relax, and socialize. They were a big part of social life in Rome.
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