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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Entertainment In Ancient Rome The role of entertainment Entertainment was a very important event because it was done in the famous colosseum everyone would watch it and they would train very very hard that it could cause death. Only boys were to take part. It shouldnt be very important because most men would die when it was just for entertainment for Caesar to impress the people. The entertainment that they would put on would always be battles, gladiators against gladiators, animals against people e.t.c. When a gladiator ended up badly injured they would be sent to the best doctors they could find but sometimes they would not live. Only men would be picked to be greatly trained and if you failed you would be kicked out but that wouldnt be good because to be able to become a true gladiator is very honoring. Facts And Entertainment They Did !Romans would visitpublic baths.They would have chariot Racing in the stadium.Romans loved to watch plays in the theatre.Romans had a lot of dinner parties at home Origin Of Rome Entertainment Influences and Development The entertainment in rome is very different to now. Entertainment is more safe, the entertainment now is not watching fights with people, it is more of movies or plays and technology. The development between now and then has very much improved because I dont think it was pleasant entertainment before and now there are less deaths, I dont think it was fair to watch entertainment like long ago because people would get reallyhurt just for people to laugh and have a good time about. The good thing is that they still do some of their good entertainment for example the feasts and dinner parties, chariot races e.t.c. Quote"It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die,than to find those who arewilling to endure pain with patience. "- Julius Caesar
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