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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Roman Entertainment Chariot Racing The most popular sport in Ancient Rome was Chariot Racing. It was so popular that people had to build bigger and bigger stadiums. There are 4 horses that pull one chariot but sometimes it can take 2-10 horses to pull one chariot. A race is 7 laps long and takes about 15-20 minutes until it finishes. There were 4 rival groups (Romans called them fractions) that took part in this race. Romans (mostly the rich romans) enjoyed lots of leisure timeand they spent this time enjoying lots of forms of entertainment.Here are some of their most popular forms of entertainment. This is also a really popular sportin Ancient Rome and probably the most brutal Roman sport.They usually go on for 10-15 minutes.Before the Romans thought about puttingthe Gladiator battles into arenas,they used to fight at funerals as a bloodoffering for all the deceased (dead) kings,but then these evolved into gruesome competitions. Gladiator Battles Boxing Boxing Gloves were made from ox-hides that cover the whole hand and only shows all the fingers.The people used the right hand for attacking and the left hand for mostly defending. The players were not allowed to grabor trip the other person with their leg.Since there was no time limit, the boxers couldpause to catch their breath. How has Ancient Roman Entertainment Influenced us The way this has influenced us is that people back then had Chariot racing and now-days,we have horse riding which a more controlled and less dangerous way of racing. The Jockeys were identified for what colour they worewhich is what we do until today.They also played hand ball which we still do today. They even playednaughts and crosses which most people play today. So most of the things that the Romans did back then for entertainment/games is still used today.
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