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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Roman Legacies Technology The roads in Rome were made of smooth segmented which let them travel efficiently. The roads had had 5 layers of rock, so that made the roads long lasting even until today. Aqueducts is another example of the structures in Rome. Aqueducts in ancient Rome is not only for drinking, but it also can carry water to the city. Structures Text Roman numerals was from the latin alphabet, and they were used to write down data of the year, day, month, etc. The romans numerals are very popular, so it is still being used even in the 20th century. The news papers writing were carved into stone daily to deliver new about the militarys conquers and many other daily events. Origins Aspects Influences The Romans had one of the most advanced technology during its time. Many of the technology in Rome were invented by the Romans, but some were incorporated from other countries. For an example, the sun dial was invented by the Greeks, but later on the Romans incorporated it to make a better sun dial. Now a days, many of our technology is incorporated from the Romans technology. For example, our plumbing and sewages were incorporated from how the Romans used aqueducts to transfer water from the lake to the cities. Now a days, we also used the Roman Numerals which were also invented by the Romans. Rome is advanced due to the new technologies they invented. The new technology took the pressure of doing many torturous work off them. For example aqueducts were invented so that the Romans didnt have to carry water from the river to the cities. Technology was one of the most important aspect during the Roman Empire because many Romans relied on this technology. For example the Romans needed the new papers that were posted for them to learn about whats going on in Rome. Concrete Concrete is one of the most important inventions made by the Romans because concrete is a material used to build buildings. If the Romans havent invented concrete, our building would not have been as stable. Now a day, we usually use cement to build our buildings, but our cement are incorporated from the concrete the Romans invented. The cement we use now mainly contains the materials in concrete, except it is more stable then the concrete invented by the Romans. The Romans made concrete by mixing lime and volcanic rock. First, they heat the lime rock and make it into quick rock which looks like a tiny version of the lime rock. Afterwards, you need to add water to the quick rock which makes it chunky and liquify, and the water will also boil. Thirdly, add sand to the liquified quick rock, and the amount of sand you add to the quick rock is the ratio of quick rock to sand which is 1:3. After you havemix the sand in with the chunky quick rock you can add volcanic ash to the mixture to make it dry faster. At the end you can put the mixture in a wooden box to shape it, and now after the mixture dries you now made concrete.
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