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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How has to roman military influenced the Military today. Organisation The roman military is extremelyorganised the have pre worked outformations which was one of the keyThings that brought them such a largeamount of success. They have pre workedout formations such as the testudo which isthe one which required the most organisationbecause it includes putting people in theexact positions. The organisation in the romanarmy was one of the key things that broughtso much success. Speed The romans believed that speed was one of the most important things that the romans needed to do to remain the most powerful armythe were fast when they needed to be fastand that caused them to move faster thantheir opponent and win battles. An exampleof this is how the when the enemy Flee's during battle the Romans would quicklydeploy the cavalry and the cavalry wouldmove very fast towards the enemy Some aspects about what was the roman military like in that time One of the most important thingsthat the roman military did was keep on fighting the enemy untilthey won which was one of the most important things thatbrought them so much success.They would get stronger each timethat they fought the enemy andeventually win which allowed themto be ambitious and conquer a lotof land. An example of this is when spartacus beat the romans but the romans fought back and won in the end. Flexibility and Tactics The roman army had carefullythought out there tactics andwhere very flexible with them they attacked in many differentways to beat the enemy and they had of course had thoughtfor a long time about each way. An example is sometimes during battlethe romans would deploy a small unit that would come and make so muchnoise that the enemy would think thatreinforcements have arrived What was the role of the roman military How has it influenced the military today Perseverance Conquering The roman military was whatconquered a lot of land in Europe. This was possiblebecause of the massive skill that the roman military had. Anexample of this is when the romanmilitary conquered Britain. Withoutthe military and its power the romanempire would have never become so big Defense The roman military was in chargeof defending rome when it wasbeing attacked in a violent waythe roman military responded ina violent way. An example of thisis when spartacus was attacking the romans and the roman militaryhad to defend rome. Provided a Career The roman army made being a soldier a carrier which really helpedpeople in need of money because a career in the roman army gave a massive salary which was 300dinari per a year which is morethan enough to buy suppies. Maintained Order The roman military maintainedorder within the roman empirethey would make sure that everything is going well and there is no problems occuringthat include violence Showed us the importance of tactics The roman military showed us thatyou should never just attack whenyou are fighting a war you should think about the tactics that you aregoing to use and how you are goingattack. This principle is used a lotin every modern military. Machines Machines play an extremely importantrole in the modern military nowadays everything done within the militaryis through machines. An example of thiswould be how we use planes in the airforce. The romans influenced us to use machines they used machines to help them to win the battle. An example ofthis would be the ballista machinethat the romans used. Influenced Speed Speed and flexibility are one ofthe key things that brings a military so much such success. An example of this would be when military's launch the airforce very quickly with speed. The romans followed the same principle about speedand that is what influenced the military today. An exampleis when the romans deploy the cavalry very quickly when the enemyis escaping. Made being in the military a career The romans made the idea ofbeing in the army a career for people so that people wouldjoin it for the money and also created the idea of joining thearmy be compulsory for somepeople. Nowadays people followthe same idea and also for exampleSingapore they have joining the militarycompulsory
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