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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Role of Drivers in Supply Chain (1) FACILITIES (4) INFORMATION (a) Location(b) Capacity(c) Warehousing Methodology Information is highly crucialto the daily operations ofeach stage in a supply chain. iii. Components of facilitiesdecisions ii. Role in the competitivestrategy (a) Push v/s Pull(b) Coordination andinformation sharing(c) Forecasting andaggregate planning(d) Pricing andrevenue management(e) Enabling technologies A key decision involves whichinformation is most valuable inreducing cost and improvingresponsiveness within a supply chain i. Role in supply chain Due to the mismatch between supplyand demand, inventory actually existsin the supply chain. iii.Componentsof facilitiesdecisions ii. Role in the competitivestrategy Transportation figuresprominently in the companyscompetitive strategy when thecompany is considering thetarget customers needs. (3) TRANSPORTATION iii. Components of facilitiesdecisions (a) Cycle Inventory(b) Safety Inventory(c) Seasonal Inventory(d) Sourcing ii. Role in the competitive strategy (2) INVENTORY Facility is the where of the supply chain,if inventory is what is being passed andtransportation is how it is passed inthe supply chain management. i. Role in supply chain The products move between differentstages in a supply chain throughtransportation. iii. Components of facilitiesdecisions (a) Mode of Transportaion(b) Route and Netowrk Selection(c) In-house or Outsource i. Role in supply chain Facilities are key drivers of supplychain performance in terms of efficiencyand responsiveness i. Role in supply chain ii. Role in the competitivestrategy A significant role is played byinventory in a supply chains abilityto support a firms competitivestrategy.
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