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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 It's All About Sound Cole ClarkAcoustic Guitars Made in Australia Innovation & Tradition Australian Tone Woods We know and lovequality acoustic guitars Our prices are very hard to beat!We believe we offer the best-value in sales, service and advice. So any instrument can be: Cole Clark have applied new understanding to an age-old art Spruce Lively Subtle Soft Queensland Maple Loud Made from all solid timbersCrafted from the finest seelction of the following: Bunya Blackwood Indian Rosewood Cole Clark's preamps and Pick-Ups are unique.These have earned praise from some of the world's finest guitarists The Face Brace pickup captures tones created by the face of the guitar Even the most basic model is made from all solid timbers Engadine Music are proud to be associated with such beautiful instruments We want you to be happy. Exchange your guitar within 14-days of purchase for another if you are not completely satisfied Face Brace Sensor Best Rodeo Songs in Country Music Amarillo By Morning George Strait Good Ride Cowboy Garth BrooksNight Rider's Lament Susy BoggussShould've Been a Cowboy Toby Keith Someday Soon Ian TysonMama's Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys Willie Nelson & Waylon JenningsTexas in 1880 Foster & Lloyd This Cowboy Hat Chris LeDouxI Wanna Be A Cowboy Sweetheart Pasty MontanaWatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy Chris LeDoux & Garth BrooksThe Last Cowboy Song The HighwaymenBeaches of Cheyanne Garth BrooksCowboy Logic Michael Martin Murphy Much to Young (To Feel This Damn Old) Garth Brooks
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