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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE LORDS OF CHAOSunderstanding their minds Made by Cheyenne Eddins, Justin Robinson, and Rebecca Landis These four individuals, Kevin Foster, Derek Shields, Pete Magnotti, and Christopher Black are known as the Lords of Chaos. All four were boysliving and growing up just like any other child. Many ask, how can four boys, children, commit such an evil act by murdering their teacherMark Schwebes, committing arson, car jacking, and plotting to rob the place that two of them worked at.They have been caught and prosecuted and one is on death row, and his name is Kevin Foster. ID The ID of Kevin Foster had overtaken him at a young age, he always did as he pleasedand thought none of what consequences of what could happen in the future. This is shownin the killing of Mark Schwebes, he chose instead of getting in trouble in school to get rid ofthe problem and shot him before he could get in trouble. He chose the satisfaction of the nowand satisfaction of killing the teacher instead of using his superego and thinking throughwhat can happen. This is Kevin's ID, the want now and not what happens in the future. SUPEREGO The Superego of Kevin is very nonexistent inside of him. He had no superego when he chose tokill Schwebes which was purely is ID coming into play. His superego did not tell him "hey, don't dothis, think about the long-term effects of this,"...but hey do it you wont get in trouble in school". His superego has come a lot from nurture and his parents did not force him to use more of his superegoand let his "Id" run wild at his home. We can infer this because his parents say how lucky he is tobe allowed to do what he wants, and so we can infer his parents never really gave him punishment for his Id rampaging ego. EGO Kevin's ego, what makes Kevin who he is as a person, which is his superego and his Id, caused him into killing Schwebe and being the leader of a rebellious group of kids. His ego largely came from his Id;for, his family did not form a "superego"to establish in him at a young age, and caused him to become a product more of nature. The Idwas a product of Kevin's human nature, and let him do more of what he had pleased himin the 'now' and not what would happen in the future.
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