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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 5 years old contract Major league contract First game Plane Crash 1 hour and 30 minutes On December 31,1972 Roberto Clementewas killed in a plane crashon his way to Nicaragua while delivering relief supplies to earthquake victims. Just 16 months after hisstart in the Puerto Rican Winter League, Robertosigned a Major Leaguecontract with the Brooklyn Dodgers. On April 15, 1955, Roberto began his first of18 seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates. He became their right fielder,earning 12 Golden Gloveawards and 4 batting titles over his career. Hisskills earned him the nickname "The Great One". At the young age of 18 he signed his first contract to play in the Puerto Rican Winter League on October 9, 1952. 2 Hours 7 hours and 30 minutes Even as a child Roberto Clementewas determined to succeed as abaseball player. He carried rubber balls with him everywhere and squeezed themto strengthen his hands. Roberto Clemente The Great OneBy:Bruce Markusen "I want to be remembered as aballplayer who gave all he had to give". - Roberto Clemente.This quote sums up the way Roberto Clemente lived his life.As a ballplayer he always gave100% and as a human being he did all he could to help others. From the time he was a young boy, Roberto Clemente knew he wanted to be a baseball player. He played every chance he got and spent hours throwing balls against walls to practice catching and fielding. He signed hisfirst major league contract at the age eighteen. As thefirst Latin American player in major league baseball Roberto was often treated unfairly. He was also an African American which caused him to face further discrimination and racism. Despite these hardships, Roberto persevered and went on to become the player that many considered to be the best right fielder the Pirates ever had. Throughouthis career he won twelve Golden Glove awards, four battingtitles and two World Series championships. Fans referred tohim as "The Great One". Not only did he work hard as abaseball player he also spent a lifetime helping others. Hislife ended tragically on December 31, 1972 when his planecrashed on its way to Nicaragua to deliver supplies to earthquake victims.
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