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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Road to Revolution Proclamation of1763 Forbade all settlers from settlingpast a line drawn alongthe Appalachian Mountains Writs of Assistance General search warrants that did notexpire, allowing customs officialsto search anywhere forsmuggled goods without havingto obtain a specific warrant Stamp Act The first internal tax levied directly onAmerican colonists by the British government.The act, which imposed a tax on all paperdocuments in the colonies. The issues of taxationand representation raised by the Stamp Act strainedrelations with the colonies to the point that, 10 yearslater, the colonists rose in armed rebellion againstthe British. Boston Massacre The Boston Massacre was a streetfight that occurredon March 5, 1770, between a"patriot" mob, throwing snowballs,stones, and sticks, and asquad of British soldiers. Sons of Liberty An organization of patriots that was createdin the Thirteen American Colonies.The secret society was formed toprotect the rights of the colonists andto fight the abuses of taxation by the Britishgovernment. Committees of Correspondence Shadow governments organizedby the Patriot leaders of the ThirteenColonies on the eve of theAmerican Revolution Tea Act Passed by Parliament on May 10, 1773, wouldlaunch the final spark to the revolutionarymovement in Boston. The act was not intendedto raise revenue in the American colonies, andin fact imposed no new taxes. Boston Tea Party a group of colonists protestthirteen yearsof increasing British oppression,by attackingmerchant ships in BostonHarbor. In retaliation,the British close the port, and inflicteven harsher penalties. Intolerable Acts/Coercive Acts British merchants had lost huge sums of money on looted,spoiled, and destroyed goods shipped to the colonies.The revenue generated by the Townshendduties, in 1770, amounted to less than £21,000. Battle of Lexington A confrontation on the Lexingtontown green started off the fighting,and soon the British were hastilyretreating under intense fire.
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