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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2016 2008 2014 2010 Lorem Et 2007 Ways to become involved at Seneca:- by participating in the Leadership Program ( by becoming a Seneca Smile Mentor ( I hope to achieve atleast 3.00 G.P.A. To Improve my Acedemic Performance-I should study at the library.-I should go to the learning centre regularly. Co-curricular during Reading week-I plan to do volunteer work. -My family responsibilities make it difficult to follow my plan. My Plans for the Next Semester-I will take more tutoring sessions at the learning centre.-I will use assignment calculator.-I will study at the library instead of my home. Purpose of Attending College:- To improve my chances of finding a good job. - by getting education at a reputable Canadian college - by getting the Certified Insurance Professional designation through the college. Resources I can use:- The Learning Centre- Library- Career ServicesThe first two will help me in my academics and the last one provides support in finding a job My Career Goals-I want to work as an underwriter in a well reputed Insurance company. Purpose for Attending College-To improve my chances of finding a good job. -by getting education at a well reputed college. -by getting the certified professional designation through the college. Areas for Improvement.-I have to improve my presentation skills.-I have to improve my time management skills.
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