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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 loading your theme... Start End( For Now ! ) Main purpose for attending colleges is for a bright future .My motivation is my family,so I can provide my children a happy comfortable lifestyle . Ways you can involve at SENECA through : -Events -Seneca student Federation-Clubs and associations-Athletics and recreations-Leadership Award-Student Ambassadors-Residence Community-Part time work Student Resources at SENECA are;-Libraries-Tutoring-Teachers-Financial Aid-Child Care -Faxes-Workshops-Learning Center I hope for good grades and a GPA of at least at 3.5. I have to stick with my plan by putting a lot of effort on my study. This semester I have planned toimprove my grade in OBR subject. I have planned to putall my effort and energies studying for my next semester ,and volunteer for my college community. Time management is important when you have family .Working with a schedule and a day to day plan will allow me to have time for everything. To improve academic performance by maximizing the learning .Steps for improvement are:-Understand myself-Manage the courses-Read actively-Attend every class-Take notes-Study everyday-Obtain the help I need-Know my professor -Improve my writing Seneca offer students a variety of workshops in support for academic success.Co Curricular program is good in engaging at campus. During reading week I was spending some time with my family .In the future I hope to to get involved in Seneca college activities. Factors that make my plan difficult is my children care after their school time ,and when they get sick . The more deeper into the program the harder it gets .For the next semesterI'm planning to put a lot of effort to achieve my future goals Graduate at Seneca is my short term goal. My long term goals After I leave Seneca my goal is to work for Canada Revenue ,and at the same time study for bachelor degree in Accounting .At the first semester I was passive about my choice and decision, but Seneca college help me believe in myself and support me to recognize my goals and at the same time achieve those goals. All about Seneca college. Seneca college offers degrees,diplomas ,and certificates renowned for the quality and respected by employers.Combining the highest academic standards with practical, hands - on learning ,expert teaching faculty and the latest technologyensures Seneca graduates are career ready. Support mommy A + Goal Seneca Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4 Pick up time children Oh no! I'mLate Seneca College Great opportunity for great people.
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