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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 By Jordan Schorel Statistics Some deadly risks for a driver on the road are:SpeedingDriving when intoxicatedDriving whilst being impaired by drugsDistractions such as mobile phonesFatigueNot following the rules of the road. How to prevent serious injuries/death 1. helping stimulate growth 2. Children, pedestrians, cyclists and old peopleare the most vulnerable to accidents on the road. Tens of millions of people each year worldwide are injured or are left disabled every year by accidents on the *resources - Although our deaths on the road have dropped dramatically this past financial year but we still have had over 1157 fatalities in Australia. 1. Wear a seatbelt when in a car. 2. 3. Drive with a driver that you feel safe and risk free with. 5. When riding a bike/motorbike always wear a helmet When crossing road always look to see if there are incoming cars If driver is intoxicated make an excuse so you don't enter the car. 6. Road Safety 4. 3. When on a bike make sure to indicate where you turning with your hands. Each year the average of cyclists killed is around 35 and the amount of cyclists left severely injured is on average about 2,500. When on a bike make sure to wear brightvisible clothing. 7. When cycling abide by road rules. Near 75% of all bicycle-related emergency department trips were children aged under 15 years. Majority were 10-14 years of age. 4. 8. The Road is a very dangerous place and is full of risks.You must be able to know how to keep yourself safe and the others around you safe.
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