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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Eirah & Rizal Ang isang bayani ay dapat maging matulungin, may kusang loob, mapag-malasakit, may kumpiyansa sa sarili at kagalang-galang Similar Characteristics:Positivity/Optimism - Even though how tough the challenges may be, we still keep an open mind andstay hopeful that things will become better. Love for Family and Friends - Rizal never forgot his family and friends and kept writing letters despite all the troubles he faced. I always turn to them when I am in need and always think about them before myself. Determined - Rizal wanted to do things well and pursue what he wants. Just like me, I want to do things well and finish what I have started. I have this desire to do well. I can become a hero in my own special way. I will be a source of hope and happiness to others. Currently, I am part of an organization that helps special children through dance therapy. I volunteered to become a member to help provide hope and happiness to the special children. This is only a small help but then in the future, it will transform into abig impact. Becoming a hero does not need powers instead, simple acts of kindness can make one a hero. Currently, my family is experiencing a downfall and it has been a really tough time to deal with. My parents are stressed out on how to deal with the situation, as well as my brothers. This made me want to take responsibility and at least extend a helping hand to them. I am determined to help my family no matter what it takes because they are my family andI am part of it.
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