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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Kids who are at risk of beingbullies are aggressive, have family problems, think badly about peers, have difficulty following rules, think violence is good, and have peers who bully. Signs a kid isbulling others arethey get into verbal or physical fights often, have peers who bully others, are increasingly , aggressive ,and have unexplained extra money. Kids don't ask for helpbecause being bullied makes them feel helpless.They want to handle iton their own. They are scared that they may be seen as weak, or they are scared of a backlashfrom the bully. More reasons kids don'task for help are they thinkit would be humiliating, theyfear that adults will judgethem for being weak, theyalready feel socially isolated, or fear rejection by peers. Information by: Kids at risk ofbeing bullied areseen as weak or annoying, or are depressed, anxious,or less popular. RiskFactors Behavioral signs a kid is being bullied are frequent stomachor headaches, meal skipping, frequent nightmares, and talking about or harming themselves. Physical signs a kid is being bullied are if they have unexplainable injuries, and destroyed clothing, books, electronics, or jewelry. By: Debbie Heil Two peers who are dealing with bulling. A lonely and isolated victim of bullying. A group of friends supporting each other. A victim walking away from the bully. A child telling an adult about being bullied. A person strugglingwith stress becauseof bulling. A person struggling to get through the day because of bulling.
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