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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Riparian Zones and Camera Traps At Eagle Rock Riparian Zones and Camera Traps At Eagle Rock What do we hope to find with Camera Traps? Animals Like These But what do those animals need? Food WaterCoverand Space What does this have to do with Eagle Rock? And did you know that these animals all live near a Riparian Zone? Whats that? A riparian Zone is the space surrounding a river or streamThey are home to many different types of Plants and Animals.Including trees like, Lodgepole Pines, Willows, Aspens. Plants like Columbines, Primroses, Wild Iris, and DogbaneAnimals like Beavers, Rabbits, Raccoons, Foxes, CoyotesShrews, Mic, Mule Deer, Mountain Lions etc. From- Garrison. Sizer Here at EagleRock we decided to set up out cameras near these Riparian Zones. Drainage=Water Source Camera Trap Spot Cover for animals double click to change this header text! The basic idea of a camera trap.A special camera is placed on a tree and when animals walk bythe camera takes pictures of them They can also help us determinethe health of areas were observing. Top Right- Black Bear, Left- Mule DeerBottom Right- Badger, Left-Bobcat Here are some animals we "captured":Rabbits-30Deer-8Bobcat-1Badger-1Black Bear-2Skunk-1Coyote-1This data was collected between the months of August and December 2014 F.Y.I Eagle Rock is Located In Estes Park, Colorado
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