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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RA RA Treatment Treatment cause of disability in Canada. cause of disability in Canada. It most often appears between the ages of 25 and 50. RA affectswomen threetimes more often than men. Annual medical costs associated with HPV-related treatmentin the US. 500vaginal cancer 2,100vulvar cancer out of every out of every Bibliography: 1 1 Anyone, anywhere can get it. Fabiha Tahsin Fabiha Tahsin Rheuma toidArthriti s Rheuma toidArthriti s Diagnosis : Diagnosis : Causes: Causes: UNKNOWN. UNKNOWN. Fight rheumatoid arthritis, live a healthier life. - A chronic disease in which various joints in the bodyare inflamed, leading to swelling, pain, stiffness, andthe possible loss of function.- An autoimmune disorder Exact Cause isThought to be a combination of factors including: - Abnormal autoimmune response - Genetic susceptibility - Environmental causes including exposure to bacteria, smoking, occupational silica, or mineral oil. - Other reasons may include: regional climatedifferences, soil composition, UV light, socioeconomicfactors and differences in diet and exercise - Medical History- Current symptoms- Blood test- Imaging test Quick Fact: What is RA? Quick Fact: What is RA? - Tender, warm, swollen joints (damages the skeletalsystem)- Firm bumps of tissue under the skin on your arms (rheumatoid nodules)- Fatigue- Joint stiffness- Joint pain- Fever- Numbness and tingling- Weight loss- Inflammation in organs such as lungs and eyes. (damages part of the respiratory system). Signs & Symptoms: Signs & Symptoms: There is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis.However, some medications to reduceinflammation or pain are:- Conventional DMARDs- NSAIDs- Placebo- Steroids- Biological DMARDsMany drugs used to treat rheumatoidarthritis have potentially serious sideeffects. Therefore, prevention is alwaysbetter than cure.